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Free Things to Do in Retirement

We have talked in the past about what to do in retirement but as the grandchildren are back at school and you may have a little more time on your hands, here are some free entertainment ideas just for you.

While we’re not reinventing the wheel here, these may serve as a good reminder and get you out there to have a good time, all while saving your money.

Visit the local Art Gallery
Depending on where you live, you may have a local art gallery. Otherwise you may just enjoy visiting an art store / gallery. Many have opening nights too which can be a lot of fun. Visit a gallery you like and sign up to their mailing list. They will send you an email when there is an event coming up.

Visit the Library
This is one place you just can’t go past – books, magazines, newspapers, DVDs, music just to name a few. Did you know that some libraries also provide a home delivery service if you are unable to visit the library due to mobility or other circumstances?

Libraries also host various events – book clubs, computer classes and author talks. Sign up or visit your local library to see what they have on.

Go for a Walk
This is a great one depending on your ability (so always check with your doctor before starting something new). But going for a walk can be wonderful. You can go at your own pace and there is always something to see. People watching, see the flowers blooming and getting some fresh air in your lungs – it’s a fantastic way to be both entertained and to get some exercise in.

YouTube / TED Talk / Podcasts
YouTube is an absolute treasure trove of entertainment. Was there an old TV series you used to watch in the 1980’s? Chances are, there may be a clip on there. Get online, scroll through your memory bank and look up something funny!

Online you can also find TED Talks and podcasts which provide insightful information on many topics. I am sure you’ll find something that interests you.

Council Events
Local councils are always putting on various events. Movies in the park, theatre shows, music, markets. You name it, they have it. Get online and see what your local council is putting on and make the most of what they are offering.


Travel is without a doubt fun but not necessarily something we can do on a daily basis. However, you can still visit the airport and watch the planes take off and land. You could even visit a local aero club and see what they’re up to. Watching the smaller planes can be just as interesting as the large planes at international airports.

Visit a Sports Field
There are so many sports fields in every city and town with teams playing various sports. Visit your local field and watch some club sport – cricket, soccer, rugby, hockey, you name it, people are playing it. Choose your side and get cheering!

Visit the Museum
There are always different exhibitions and events on at the museum. And similar to the library and council events, the organisers want you there. Where is your local museum? Why not head in and see what they have going on.

Photo: Grandparents NZ

Use Your Super Gold Card
This is one of the perks of being over 65 – a Super Gold Card. If you’re over 65 and don’t have one yet go ahead and apply. This gives you discounts and even freebies all over town. You’ll need to carry this with you but it can save you so much money and even gives free off peak travel on buses, trains and ferry services in many places.

Visit Bunnings
Many Bunnings stores offer DIY classes, planting information sessions and of course the classic sausage sizzle. Contact your local Bunnings to see what they have on offer.

We have talked about volunteering in the past but depending on where you volunteer it doesn’t mean this can’t be entertaining. Talking to people, looking after animals or street collecting for charities – you will get something out of it as much as they will.

What do you enjoy doing for free entertainment? We’d love to hear what you like to do in your spare time!

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