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Games to play at Christmas

For many families, falling out at Christmas for various reasons is commonplace. Why not add to this with some traditional family rivalry to create a quiet dinner table. Here are some fun Christmas games to play with family and friends this festive season. These are also a great way to welcome a new family member in to the fold or use if you are spending the holiday season with some new people this year.

This is a play on the traditional game of Pictionary. Write up various Christmas themed words and put the room in to teams of 2.

Find a picture online to print or draw your own on an A3 piece of paper. Get some red dots – you can draw these and use blu-tac to adhere or even use little red pom-poms. Whoever gets closest wins.

Blindfold your guest and give them a piece of wrapping paper (pre-cut), cellotape and 30 seconds to wrap a gift. Add a bow or ribbon if you like. Try an obscure shaped gift for an extra challenge. Good luck wrappers.

Fill a stocking with various house-hold items. Everyone gets to touch it for 30 seconds and write down their guesses. Whoever gets the most wins.

This is very easy and one the kids will love. Stuff a pillow under your jumper and hold a broom (or any stick) and see how low you can limbo. This could be a tricky one so you can be the stick holder!

If you’re hosting a lot of people run a competition for guesses of how many ornaments are on the Christmas tree. Whoever is closest wins a prize – it could be popping the champagne or sitting at the head of the table. The person furthest away could be put on dishes. Don’t forget to count the decorations as you put them up.

When everyone arrives they are given 3 candy canes and banned words such as Santa, presents and Christmas. If someone says the banned word, the person who caught them gets a candy cane. Whoever has the most at the end is the winner.

Did your mother ever tell you not to play with your food? She won’t like this one. Give everyone marshmallows and 1 minute. Whoever stacks the most marshmallows in that time is the winner – how many can you get? Bonus points if it goes pink, white, pink, white.

All you need for this are pens and post-it notes. Everyone writes various Christmas themed words on the post-it and passes their word to the guest on their left. These are then put on their foreheads. The guests need to ask various questions to guess what they are: Santa? Candy Cane? Rudolph? Christmas Tree?

This is a great one for when someone new is joining the party or you a spending Christmas with people you don’t know. Everyone tells the group 3 facts – 2 are true and 1 is a lie. The other guests have to guess which fact is in fact fiction. This is a really fun ice breaker and you may even find out something new about someone you know.

Everyone gets sticky present bows – whoever ends up with the most bows on their back is the loser. Whoever has the least wins. If you catch someone putting one on you, that person then gets it put on their back giving extra incentive to be sneaky.

So what are you going to play this year? Let us know what games you enjoy playing and we hope you enjoy these ones – perhaps you may even create a new tradition this year! Have fun and don’t take things too seriously. It is the silly season after all!

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