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Games to Play with Your Grandchildren

Many children have their faces in various devices these days – a phone, computer, laptop, iPad… While this isn’t always a bad thing, face to face play (especially with grandparents) will never go out of fashion. To jog your memory, here are some games that you may enjoy playing with your grandchildren.

This helps both young and old minds alike work! All you need is a pen and paper and you’re away! Pick how many letters each person gets and how your hangman looks – good luck!


Card Games
These help with maths skills such as subtraction, addition along with strategy. Motor skills can also play a part in a game such as snap. Not much is needed for this – just a pack of cards. Easy.

String Figures
These are made using string (perhaps some left over wool from your knitting) and tied together. Use your fingers to create various shapes. Here is a video for how to make a star. Very cute.

Paper Planes
Paper planes are magical, they twirl and swirl and can go in just about any direction. Imagination and paper is all your need for this game. You can have competitions to see how far each plane can go – you can refine designs and use physics and wind direction to help your planes take flight!

Treasure / Scavenger Hunt
Children love to get clues with brain teasers for the next clue and of course then there is the prize at the end! This will need a bit of planning before the kids come over to visit but can be well worth the time.

The floor is lava
The premise? The floor is lava and you must use anything apart from the floor to get from one spot to the next. Touch the floor and you lose. This can be tricky for someone a little older so the grandparent can be the volcano and serve as the judge. If you see someone touch the floor the grandparent-volcano erupts!

Simon Says
This is an absolute classic and takes no effort at all! Simon says hands on your head. Hands on your knees! You’re out. Great fun and everyone can have a turn.

Create a Show
Kids love to put on a show for their family but why not join them in the performance? Can you play a musical instrument or sing – do it! Unable to play a musical instrument or sing? Do it anyway!


Night Guard at the Museum
One person is a night guard and walks around the museum looking at statues. When they turn their backs the statues change position. Be careful not to get caught! If the night guard sees you, you become a museum visitor and work together with the night guard until all of the statues are caught

Do you have any games that you enjoy playing with your grandchildren? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

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