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Google Trick Celebrating 25 Years of Friends

We’ve written about technology easter eggs in the past and there is a great new one for anyone who was a fan of the TV series Friends.

Friends ran for 10 seasons between 1994 and 2004 with the series turning 25 years old this month.

The team at Google it seems didn’t want to miss out on the celebrations so created a new Friends themed easter egg. All you need to do is type ‘Ross Friends’ in to the Google search engine and see what happens! Make sure your volume is up.

We love this one, it is so silly and pays homage to a classic episode. You could even show this one to family members as it is so new they may not have seen it yet making you technology savvy.

We also recently wrote about card games you can play with your grandchildren but did you know you can play solitaire online between grandchildren visits? Just put the word solitaire in to the google search engine and a free online card game comes up (we actually got a little distracted with this one as we wrote this article!)

And don’t forget we have games on our website too! We have a daily quiz and wordsearch and also Sudoku which you can find here.

Happy googling and game playing!

Have you seen any great easter eggs? We will keep looking for them and let you know when we find more!

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