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History of the Teddy Bear

You have probably seen many people are putting teddy bears in their window for the little ones to find on their local walks during lockdown. Here is a bit of history on the teddy bear…

The book We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen was first published in 1989.

The teddy bear increased in popularity in the early 20th century in both the USA and Germany.

The teddy bear is named after US president Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt.

The term bear hug was coined in the mid 1800s, at least 50 years prior to the teddy bear. Weird!

Teddys and bears have been a popular theme in many childhood stories and songs including Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Teddy Bears Picnic and Paddington Bear.

A short animated film of We’re Going on a Bear Hunt was released in 2016.

Teddy Bears can be incredibly collectable with a Steiff “Louis Vuitton” Teddy bear which sold for over €213,000 in 2000.

HERE is a link for where you can find bears in your neighbourhood.

The author Michael Rosen is also a playwight and you can watch him perform the story here:

Have you seen any teddy bears when you go out? Do you have any in your windows?

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