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Home Deliveries – Then and Now

Remember shopping in the good old days?


  • Milk – put out empty milk bottles with some tokens at night and find full bottles in the morning.
  • Bread – either buy this fresh from the dairy or wait until the bread truck came around.
  • Fruit and vegetables – buy this from the local greengrocers. Sometimes you could buy a box of cheap, speckled, over-ripe fruit. Or raid Dad’s vegie garden.
  • Biscuits – your mum would bake a batch every week. Or you could buy a tin of broken biscuits from the Griffin’s factory. Chocolate biscuits disappeared first.

  • Meat and fish – bought from the butchery or fishmonger.
  • Clothes – hand-sewn by Mum and knitted in the case of cardies and jerseys. Also cast offs from older cousins.
  • Underwear and shoes – usually second-hand from the older cousins. Sometimes if you were lucky Mum would buy some from a department store like D.I.C. Flash!
  • General groceries – from the local, small grocery store. Also, Mum could ring the shop and a boy would deliver them on his push bike or Dad would collect them on the way home after work on his bicycle.
  • Books – from the second-hand book shop or from the library (free)
  • Packaging: Newspaper for wrapping fish. Brown paper for bloody meat. Brown paper bags or old cardboard boxes. Put into Mum’s cane basket.


  • Milk – buy it in cartons or plastic bottles from the supermarket with a few places offering glass bottles.
  • Bread, fruit and vegetables and general groceries – buy these from the supermarket, at the moment standing outside in line and waiting until you’re allowed in. Shop quickly and get out as fast as you can. Good luck with online shopping. It’s nearly impossible because the delivery times are always booked even if you wait until mid-night to do it.
  • Biscuits – either buy these during the general supermarket shop or bake them yourself if you’re lucky enough to have flour. You’ll have to squish them into the overcrowded freezer until the lockdown is over before you can offer them to friends or family.
  • Clothes – buy from large department stores. At the present lockdown time, you’ll have to rummage around in your wardrobe to see you have forgotten about and make do with a few essentials available online.
  • Other things – If you really, really need something that is totally essential you can order online. The company should tell you when something isn’t essential.
  • Books – have a look in the garage to see what’s around to read. Read articles and news online
  • Packaging – plastic, plastic, plastic except for shopping bags. Use your own.

Ho hum. Ain’t shopping fun? Are your shopping experiences different or similar? How do you think shopping will change post lockdown?


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