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Interesting Websites During Lockdown

Many of us will find ourselves online quite a bit more over the next few weeks. Here is a list of some interesting websites while you’re at home.

Let us know what you think of our list and if we should add anything.

The Smithsonian National Zoo
From Washington D.C. a live 24-hour view of their 2 giant pandas – Tian Tian and Mei Xiang which you can find HERE.

Melbourne Zoo
Enjoy some live-streaming with the snow leopards (including their cubs), lions, penguins and more. You may have seen this in the news recently with one staff member dancing with a fan on camera too. You can find the link HERE.


Wanting to check out what is happening with the weather or outlook locally? Here is a webcam looking out over lake Wakatipu in Queenstown. The link is HERE.

New York City
Looking for some international sofa-travel? Find out how New York city is looking HERE. (It certainly isn’t looking like the photo below!)


Ever wanted to go on an African safari? Don’t let lockdown stop you and visit Africa from the comfort of your couch. With various webcams (including sound which is so relaxing), enjoy visiting various animals as they graze and drink from local watering holes. Watch these majestic animals HERE.

Grandparents NZ Podcast
For a little self-promotion, here is the Grandparents NZ Podcast. It is something we are new at but hope you enjoy listening to some quiet ramblings to keep you company (all you need to do is pick an episode and click and play). Listen to it HERE.

Enjoy! And please share any other ideas you may have too! We’d love to see what is going on out there from in here!

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