Jury Duty on The Twelve

For many, being selected for jury duty is upsetting, may be costly depending on work commitments and stressful. But, if one is selected to perform their civic duty, they have an important job to do and this cannot be ignored. They need to find the accused either guilty or not guilty.

Enter: The Twelve. A character driven ten-part drama where twelve varied and ordinary people for a jury. They are now called upon in a highly reported double murder case which is both as traumatising as it is controversial.

Fri Palmers is standing accused of two murders; her best friend and her own daughter. The jury is selected and the trial gains momentum with the twelve jury members shaken to the core both within the courtroom and their own personal lives.

While researching the series, the writers interviewed real life jurors about their experiences in court. Whether you’ve been involved in a jury or not, many can empathise with the issue. We follow cases in the media daily and know that only parts are reported on and jurors are exposed to much more.

Credit Thomas Nolf VRT Eyeworks

Produced in Belgium, The Twelve is both confronting and addictive. Character driven, the subtitles are short and succinct leaving the English speaking viewer able to follow the plot lines and intricacies of the story.

While this is by no means a light watch, chances are The Twelve will have you hook line and sinker about 20 minutes in to episode one making for some excellent summer watching.

The Twelve must decide the guilt or innocence of the broken woman on trial. Check out the trailer below.

The Twelve Rialto Channel, Tuesdays from 28 January

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