Keeping Busy with Kris Edwards

Kris Edwards is married with 2 kids and passionate about self-improvement, cricket, family and autobiographies – in between this he has time to host weekdays on the Breeze.

Who is the most memorable person that you have spoken with or interviewed at The Breeze?
I recently sat down and interviewed The Proclaimers, the twin brothers from Scotland, I bet if i played their hit songs you’d know exactly who I’m talking about. They burst on to the scene in the late 80’s best known for two major pop hits  I’m Gonna Be {500 Miles} and I’m On My Way. They uniquely sing with Scottish accents. I found them so incredibly humble, were grateful to still be able to tour and get an audience after all these years and they were so passionate about their home town of Edinburgh, a place close to my heart – my great grandparents emigrated from there to Dunedin in 1912 (I recently found their arrival documents online somehow). I recommend you look up their song The Streets Of Edinburgh – I love its charm and passion for home. They also had some great stories about how their songs continue to be in movies, they became famous in America after one of their songs was in the first Shrek movie. I’m On My Way they told me was also a very popular funeral song.


What is your most memorable holiday?
Easy one! Rarotonga – I was married there, a special time with family from all over the world coming in for our ceremony, which was just a simple on the beach wedding but was unforgettable, Rarotonga is just so laid back, nothing happens in a hurry, you can drive around the island in 20 minutes. They use NZ dollars and the people are lovely. Sunshine, sand, reading a book, taking a walk down to a local restaurant for some local fish – my kind of holiday, if you want to unplug, head to Raro – you’ll love it.

What is your favourite thing to do when you’re not working?
I love to watch movies. I have a pretty good DVD collection and I’m constantly taping movies to watch when i have time, i also have this odd habit {my wife thinks its odd} of watching the same movies i like more than once, just occasionally getting them out and fast forwarding to my favourite bit.  I did it the other day with The Silence Of The Lambs. Anthony Hopkins is amazing… the fact I’ve seen those scenes numerous times doesn’t seem to faze me. I love thrillers like Broadchurch, amazing right?

Kris Edwards hosts THE BREEZE Weekdays, various regions from 6am to 10am


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