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Kete Storage

Ketes are traditionally hand woven baskets made out of flax (or harakeke in Maori). Many of us made these from scratch at school, at home or with friends families. Today, there are many stores that sell flat ketes but did you know you can adjust these to make a free standing basket?

Here are our instructions (and photos to match) that will help you turn a flat basket in to a basket that can sit anywhere and be used to store almost anything

  1. Soak your kete in water for 24-48 hours, this makes the flax soften and is more malleable.
  2. Take your kete outside or somewhere that doesn’t matter if the floor gets a little wet, and roll down the edges making sure you tuck the handles in to the folds.
  3. Run your hands along the folds and check that the sides are even
  4. Turn the kete over and push in the corners creating a flat base.
  5. Leave the kete to dry for a couple of days

These can be used to store many things – they can be a fantastic fruit basket, heuristic basket for a grandchild or keeping anything really. You could even use them as a gift basket or for plants

These are also a wonderful biodegradable option and if you don’t have the time to adjust your kete, why not USE it – use it at the supermarket, beach, leave it in the back of the car with water and a towel for summer. Use them at the library, for a picnic. You can use them to carry just about anything.

Do you have a kete? What do you use yours for?

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