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Knitting for Good

Knitting clubs are a popular past time and I would like to tell you about the knitting club to which I belong.   I don’t knit. I crochet so perhaps it should be called a knitting and crochet club.  No matter, it’s fun either way and offers a wonderful chance for club members to chat, exchange ideas (and patterns) and get some knitting or crocheting work done.

In my club there are approximately 18 members but that can fluctuate depending on what we each have going on in our lives.  We meet on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month from 1-3pm in our local church’s supper-room.  Some of us bring homemade pikelets, asparagus rolls, dainty egg sandwiches or ginger-loaf for afternoon tea and we all contribute a gold coin each time which goes toward the purchase of wool.  Many of us also buy wool to donate and some clever members buy second-hand jerseys and cardigans, unpick them, wash the wool and use it to knit a brand new creation.  How about that for being economical?

Many of us make garments for the local charity shop which are sold with the profit going to the charity.  We also make knee-rugs to distribute to Aged Care Homes or to the less well-off in the community, or woollen beanies for premature babies in the neo-natal unit of our hospital.  So, as well as providing us with the opportunity to socialise and enjoy a delicious afternoon tea, we knit and crochet for charity.  Sometimes we may choose to create something for our own family or friends – booties and pretty blankets or shawls for new grandbabies, hats for grandchildren and slippers for a friend’s birthday gift.  We always provide our own wool for those projects.

The age range of members is from people in their 50’s to those in their 80’s.  No matter how old we are, we can all have a purpose, make a valuable contribution and feel valued in return.  It’s a win-win all round.

One of my friends who lives in one our larger cities attends a knitting club on Tuesday evenings which is held in a local pub.  People simply turn up, buy a nice glass of wine and start knitting.  There is a club to suit all – although I like my club best because we have a yummy afternoon tea.  It’s pleasant, relaxing and productive.

Do you belong to a knitting club? Why don’t you give a knitting club a try, or else start your own?  Easy peasy.

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