Leah Panapa: Host of Magic Nights Talks Travel, Animals and Having a Sense of Humour

Leah Panapa is one of New Zealand’s most recognized radio broadcasters. We spoke with Leah about travel, animals and of course, laughter.

You have a great sense of humour and are a pro at getting laughs, however have you ever had the wrong read on a room and fallen flat?

Being a radio broadcaster, it is hard to say if I am making the audience laugh (when I was hosting Breakfast shows) although I would get feedback through callers and texts. I have done some Stand Up Comedy nights and that was nerve wracking! Once I got the first laugh however it relaxed me… and thankfully I didn’t have to wait too long! Ha! I also MC functions and depending on who the audience is, that can take a bit of work to keep the whole room entertained and listening, especially if you are talking to a ballroom of 700-800 people! Humour always is a good way to win the room over.

In what order would you put the following and why: travel, laughter and adventure? 

I believe they go hand in hand! I love travelling with my husband, even if it’s a road trip three or so hours out of Auckland. We have been to a few countries together, and it’s always an adventure.  We also laugh all the time so that is why it’s hard to put them in any particular order.  I highly recommend when you travel to try and meet locals and do things that are not so necessarily what is seen as the ‘tourist’ route, that is when you will get a true adventure… and laughs.

Where did you last go on holiday and how was it?

My last short holiday was actually on Anzac Day. My husband and I drove to Taupo (I used to live there many years ago) for a quick 2-day break. It was wonderful! Hot pools, wine, friends… perfect. But our last big holiday was Hawaii in January. Neither of us had been before and it was fabulous!! Beautiful scenery, stunning beaches and very friendly people. I was mistaken for an Hawaiian – so that capped off a perfect holiday! Ha!

Are you a cat or a dog person and why? What pets do you have? What do they add to your life? 

I am a dog person, 100%! We have two beautiful Border Collie-Crosses that bring so much joy to our lives! Besides the unconditional love they give, they are companions and enrich my life on a daily basis. They also make me get out of the house and do A LOT of walking!

Leah Panapa is the host of Magic Talk Nights, weekdays from 7pm-11pm


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