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Lemon Squeezy

Thank goodness my lemon tree is fruiting. For ages the unripe lemons have stayed green as they slowly increased in size on the branches and now finally, they are turning golden yellow.

We all know how fabulous lemons are. They can be sliced to accompany fish and popped into a drink such as a gin and tonic. They be used to make cakes, lemon curd, sponge desserts, lemon tarts, biscuits, slices, lemon syrup for hot or cold lemon drinks and more. I bet you have some wonderful recipes using lemons. Lemons can be used as a natural cleaning product too especially if mixed with baking soda and the scent from them is divine.

However, I have found a couple of other simple handy uses for lemons as follows:

  • I rub a slice over my cutting board before chopping up lemons. This magically stops the tears running from my eyes.  I also rub the same slice onto my hands and that helps too.
  • The skin and pith added to a bath release a lovely scent and I think will soften the water.
  • When I make a casserole, I squeeze some lemon juice into the mix before popping it into the oven. This gives an extra boost to the taste of the food.
  • I rub the pith onto my elbows to soften the dryness of my skin.

I bet you have more interesting ideas of how to use lemons as well as having a favourite lemon recipe. Do you think you could share them with Grandparents? I’d love to know.

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