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Life on the Road – Part 2

Carron Stevenson travels across New Zealand and Australia in a motor-home with her husband Geoff. You can read part 1 here.

“We decided to buy a Ford Transit ex rental to get us and our gear back to Christchurch. The small RV was home for five months. It certainly added stress to our marriage as there were few places to escape from each other. Knowing our Aussie dream was ahead of us helped get us through.”

Downsizing to the Ford Transit. Photo: Carron Stevenson

If you are thinking about a life travelling, there are various options. Carron and Geoff took many factors into account when purchasing their motorhomes. “Deciding if we wanted a caravan or motor-home, we thought about what we wanted to do, to explore. A caravan is great as a base and having the tow vehicle to explore in. A motor-home is perfect for moving on every few days, although we did tow a Suzuki Grand Vitara behind Eidlewise giving us a base and explore vehicle. Now, in the motor-home, when we come across somewhere so nice we want to stay, we just set up and don’t need to go any further.”

So where have Carron and Geoff been so far? “As the old song goes “We’ve been everywhere, man”. All over Victoria, through NSW,  Outback Queensland we got as far as the mining town of Mt Isa at thirty-eight degrees celsius, before heading back down to Adelaide, then up through the middle to Darwin via Coober Peddy and Uluru. From there, across to the Kimberly and Pilbara region and on down to Perth. After exploring the south west we crossed the Nullarbor, on to Broken Hill and then Tasmania. Now we are back in Mainland Australia heading up the East Coast to Cooktown where the sealed road ends (about as far as we can go in the motor-home). Any further we’d need a 4WD.”

Salt Flats, Port Hedland, WA. Photo: Carron Stevenson

Further to travelling Carron keeps herself busy with a passion for writing and photography. While travelling around New Zealand Carron took an online photography course, completed a course with the Writers College of New Zealand and wrote for popular enthusiasts magazine, Caravans Motorhomes and Destinations magazine. Carron also participates in Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) where participants aim to write a 50,000 word novel within the space of the month. “The writing part I love and happily get up at 5.00am for, while looking out for the beautiful sunrises.”

New Writers Office, still different views. Photo: Carron Stevenson

Carron has even found the time to write 2 e-books (electronic books). “I started writing inspirational (Christian) romance… The second book is in the final edit phase… Five fabulous Beta readers give valuable feedback and point out errors and plot holes.”

An unexpected bonus of travelling full time is becoming an “unwitting conservationists” and even minimalists. “we leave no trace except tyre marks and footprints; if we’re careful 120L of water can last a week (the average home uses 240L a day), but in the Outback water is scarce and what we use, we’re taking from reserves required for the people and stock who live here and are already conserving water; we don’t need ‘stuff’. Where would we put it? If we buy something it is to replace something that has worn out. Or if something comes in, something must go out.”

Some final advice from Carron? “Whatever your dream is, don’t put it on hold. Follow it now. My twelve year old grandson has travelled to Thailand on an exchange trip and the Gold Coast on a rugby trip. The fact his grandparents were off pursuing their dreams gave him the courage to follow his. Following our dreams provides role modelling, the impact on our grandies cannot be underestimated.”

You can read more about Carron’s travels and her e-books here:

The Maheno shipwrecked on Fraser Island. Photo: Carron Stevenson

Inside our new Motorhome. Photo: Carron Stevenson

A bit close for comfort, The Lake Allendale, WA. Photo: Carron Stevenson

Toapin Weir freecamp, wildflower trail, Toapin WA. Photo: Carron Stevenson

Sunset 14 Mile Camp. Photo: Carron Stevenson

Stromatolites Viewing, Hamelin Pool, WA. Photo: Carron Stevenson

Freemantle Beach, WA. Photo: Carron Stevenson

Derby, WA. Photo: Carron Stevenson

Hippos Yawn, Wave Rock, WA. Photo: Carron Stevenson

24m girth Red Tingle Tree, Walpole, Nornalup NP, WA. Photo: Carron Stevenson

Corroboree Sunset Cruise. Photo: Carron Stevenson

Ironstone Gully Falls, WA. Photo: Carron Stevenson

Waking up to Mist. Photo: Carron Stevenson

Bungle Bungle Tour. Photo: Carron Stevenson

Bungle Bungle. Photo: Carron Stevenson

14 Mile Camp Sunset. Photo: Carron Stevenson

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