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Luke Hines on Living Well

Luke Hines is Australasia’s clean-living expert who celebrates real food that tastes phenomenal. As a nutrition coach, motivator and personal trainer, Luke travels between Australia and New Zealand sharing his delicious healthy meals and realistic mindset to help people live their best life.

Do you have any tips for meals as people get older?
Well, the good news is, healthy food isn’t age specific as such, more so the key is making sure we retain healthy habits as we age so that we keep up our vital macro and micro nutrients. Sometimes when my clients get older, they fall into the habit of eating the same meal over and over due to saving time, convenience or simply not having any new ideas when it comes time to cooking. I like to recommend people use their ‘kitchen’ muscle. Just like the muscles in our body, they need to be worked, stretched and utilised. So, when you head to the supermarket, mix up what fresh produce you buy, eat the rainbow for nutrient diversity, and think outside your comfort zone by trying new recipes from books or online.

Variety really is the spice of life.

What advice do you have for shopping and cooking for one or two? And how to make the most out of fresh produce
I do most of my cooking for one or two people at any one time. If you’ve got extra ingredients, I often recommend people cook recipes in bulk, say for 4 or 6 serves. That way you’ve got your meal for that day, but also can portion up and have meals ready for the rest of the week in the fridge or at a later date by freezing. Having healthy home-cooked meals on hand in the fridge and freezer mean that when you’re busy or not able to cook, you’ve got something nourishing that you can simply heat and eat. When it comes to fresh produce, I buy only a couple of days in advance to minimise spoiling and wastage, but if you don’t have the time to do multiple shops each week, simply cook what may go off sooner, and then freeze anything you don’t get to that might not last much longer in the fridge.

I have worked with lots of older clients, and often they are the leaders when it comes to fantastic results.

You are a personal trainer, have you ever worked with an older person and seen them achieve some excellent personal goals?
I think firstly because my older clients really listen and take on board what I have got to say. When it comes to long term health change it isn’t a race to get results as quick and dramatic as possible, it should be about small, safe, incremental steps each day that lead to long term change. Look at health as a big picture, finding balance between nutrient dense delicious meals, cultivating a positive mindset, and moving each day in a safe and gentle way that feels good.

What are you planning for or bringing to the Food Show?
I know that many of us have a sweet tooth, and I am here to prove that you can have your healthy cake and eat it too. My cooking demonstration is based around healthy desserts, utilising everyday ingredients, put together in a way that celebrates yummy treats that are gluten, dairy and refined sugar free. Plus, I hope to inject some motivation to the attendees to leave the show feeling more confident to make long-term positive change!

Hines will be preparing his delicious healthy desserts at The Food Show in Auckland on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

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