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Make Your Own Beer Advent Calendar

Advent calendars certainly have changed over the years. From the mid 19th Century with chalk marks on the doors or lit candles to paper and chocolate calendars to today where many people like to make their own advent calendars.

Here is an idea which we enjoy making and is certainly one for the adults this time! A beer advent calendar, here is everything you need to make a beer advent calendar (and enjoy responsibly!)

24 x beers
1 x box
Wrapping paper
Christmas stickers

Wrap beers individually and put a sticker on each labelling 1-24
Wrap box with Christmas paper, put beers in to the box

It really is that easy! Many companies sell mixed 6 packs so if you’re interested in trying some different flavours this season that may be an idea for you! And remember you can share the beer with a friend, save them up to share at an event or use for cooking too, try some beer battered oysters here.

If you would prefer to stay away from alcohol here are some other ideas:


  • Call a different friend or family member each day
  • If you live with a grandchild, read a different book to them each day
  • Write a holiday card for a different person
  • 24 days of exercise – Day 1 is 1 minute of walking then up to 24 by the 24th December (or whatever amount suits you – and remember to check with your practitioner before embarking on any new lifestyle choice)
  • Read a chapter of a book each day
  • Try a different herbal tea each day
  • Write a note for your partner each day
  • Say something nice to someone each day
  • Smile at someone every day
  • Listen to a different song each day
  • If you really want to get in to the festive spirit, watch a different Christmas movie each day (there are plenty of them we can assure you!)
  • Plant a flower or vegetable / fruit
  • Look after yourself – new nail polish, golf balls, lip balm etc

Do you enjoy Advent calendars? What do you like to do with yours?

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