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Men’s Health Week – 15th – 21st June

Monday 15th of June was the beginning of Men’s Health week here in New Zealand. This is also the day 10 years ago that my darling oldest brother, Tom died aged 69.  I miss him so much. I also miss my second oldest brother, Danny who died 4 years earlier than Tom, aged 63.

Both my brothers died of heart disease. Could anything have been done to prevent their deaths? I honestly can’t answer that. What I do know though is that it’s awful they are both dead and I wish they were still here. Their absence in this world is a constant loss to so many who loved them dearly.

Negative thoughts, I know. However, this week is Men’s Health Week and I’m so pleased there is a positive focus on our men’s health. A men’s health website has been set up for people to explore and it’s certainly worth having a look: 

I’m no health expert, but one of the things that I think incredibly important is for men, and for all of us, to have yearly medical health checks especially if we’re over the age of 40. Our car has to have a Warrant of Fitness to be on the road. A yearly health check could be a Warrant of Fitness for us.

Let’s look after our men, and everyone.

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