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Mocktail: Alcohol Free Pimms Style Cups

Pimms is a famous “English Style” cocktail which is often enjoyed in summer either at the rowing or tennis. Served in various ways, Pimms itself is a gin-based fruit cup.

Here is our take on the traditional Pimms Style cocktail. Served as a mocktail (alcohol free) our cocktail is full of fruit, cucumber and ice to keep you fresh and hydrated this summer.

5 x large wedges of cucumber
5 x strawberries sliced
1 x orange sliced
A few sprigs of mint
Ginger Ale
Large jug or pitcher

In the jug or pitcher layer the ice, cucumber, strawberries, oranges and mint until ½ full.
Add 50/50 lemonade and ginger ale
Use a large spoon to mix
Serve in large chilled glasses and enjoy

Not everyone likes things as sweet, you can adjust with 50% ginger ale, 25% lemonade and 25% soda water
Feel free to use other berry fruits
If you’re very organised you could freeze some strawberries in to the ice
Let sit for 5 minutes before serving to infuse
Crush a bit of mint before putting in the mocktail to get as much of the mint flavour out as possible

What is your favourite cocktail or mocktail? We’d love to hear what you enjoy drinking in summer

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