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New Research Shows Reading Makes Us Feel Calm

We love talking about reading to children and know the importance of this but a new study by The Book Depository has found that adults get a lot out of reading too. Many adult Kiwis read to escape reality with frequent readers often feeling more calm and confident after picking up a new book.

With more than half interviewed saying they would choose to read more if they weren’t so busy with life (family, work, children) and that it was one of their favourite leisure activities. Almost half love to read in bed and a quarter listing fiction as their favourite genre.

Mitch Lang, head of marketing for Book Depository says by global standards Kiwis have one of the highest per-capita rates of book reading over the 170 countries within the study.

“Nielsen data shows New Zealanders buy more than six million hardcopy books per year and our own figures have found Kiwis are the second-highest consumers of physical books among the countries we supply to,” he says.

Lang has reported that demand for hard copy books through online channels is remaining strong. The Book Depository’s growth in sales in New Zealand is driven by the offer of free delivery on 20 million titles.

Unsurprisingly, the report shows that a huge 90% of parents have said that reading in their spare time has helped improve their child’s exam marks. Regardless of this almost 60% of parents interviewed said that their child was too busy to read due to after school clubs and homework.


Still supporting leisure time reading, 86% said they believe reading to a child is more beneficial to their academic development than studying for a test. Lang has reported that almost a third (29%) of all books purchased here in New Zealand are for children, with traditional hard copies being the preferred choice.

Do you enjoy relaxing with a good book or reading to your family? Let us know, we’d love to hear about it!

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