NZSO to Live Stream a Free Performance

Following the current ban on public events The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra will use modern technology to live stream a free performance from Wellington’s Michael Fowler Centre.

Sadly but understandably, the NZSO has needed to cancel scheduled concerts around the country until May due to the current restrictions of groups over 100. In place of live performances comes free live stream performances so you can still enjoy the concerts via smart TV, phone, tablet or your computer.

The live performance is scheduled for 7.30pm on Wednesday 25th March however if you are busy at this time, a recording of the performance will be available on YouTube.

he NZSO perform Goldberg Variations. Credit Latitude Creative

With RNZ as the NZSO’s live stream project partner, both companies have been working hard to make the performance possible.

The NZSO will perform Johann Sebastian Bach’s Goldberg Variations which was recently performed in Wellington, Palmerston North, Tauranga and Hamilton.

The ban on public gatherings during the COVID-19 pandemic was crucial for the health and safety of all New Zealanders says NZSO Interim Chief Executive Peter Biggs.

“We also know that in extraordinary times like this music becomes even more important in bringing people together and in lifting our spirits. Immediately once the ban was announced, our players, staff, RNZ and our other performing partners swung into action. We were determined to lives tream a performance this month.”

Mr Biggs says Bach’s Goldberg Variations was a beautiful work for the first live streamed performance and it would appeal to all New Zealanders. “Bach has influenced and inspired countless musicians over the past 300 years, including some of the biggest names in popular music today. Goldberg Variations is one of his best works. It’s both uplifting and deeply moving – and just what we all need in our lives right now.”

The livestream performance of Goldberg Variations: 7.30pm on 25 March at nzso.co.nz/live

A recording of the performance will be available to view later at: youtube.com/nzsymphonyorchestra

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