Pop icon Cyndi Lauper in Magnum P.I.

Hit action reboot Magnum P.I. on three guest stars pop icon Cyndi Lauper as lawyer Vanessa Nero who is hired for the accused but ends up making things more difficult for those involved in the case.

Jay Hernandez and Cyndi Lauper in Magnum P.I.

Although widely recognised for her high singing vocals and musical writing ability Lauper’s music has been featured in countless movies and TV series. This however is not Lauper’s first acting role. Here are some facts about Cyndi Lauper you may not know.

Lauper is credited with over 65 acting roles including an un-credited role in classic 80’s kids classic The Goonies

Lauper is 5’3” – 160cm tall and 65 years young.

Lauper is good friends with WWF wrestler Lou Albano

An active supporter of gay rights throughout her career. Her sister is lesbian and in 2012 Lauper started True Colours United, a non-profit organisation which focuses on youth homelessness particularly the experiences of LGBT youth who make up a large percentage of the homeless population in the USA

Lauper wrote the music and lyrics for hit musical Kinky Boots

With 16 Grammy nominations, Lauper has one twice. 1985 for best new artist and almost 30 years later in 2014 for Kinky Boots. Lauper has also won a Tony and Emmy

Watch Cyndi Lauper guest star on Magnum P.I. as Vanessa Nero on Wednesday 29th May @ 9pm on THREE

Lauper in character as Vanessa Nero

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