Portrait Artist of the Year – Episode 2

We return to Portrait Artist of the Year for episode 2 with 3 more famous sitters and 9 more talented artists competing to become this years winner.

This week we see actor and rapper Ashely Walters (also known as Asher D), model and designer David Gandy and respected stage, film and television actress Anne Reid sitting for our 9 artists for 4 hours.

This week hosts Joan Bakewell and Stephen Mangan look at the visual theme of the sitters world. African, Mexican and Japanese as a western tribute to some of the many cultures studied in the art world. We also look at the different mediums used by each artist in their works; oils, scratching’s, palette knives in place of brushes, watercolours, aqua boards (commonly used behind showers), pastels and charcoal are used this week.

The competition heats up with 5 amateurs competing alongside 4 professional painters and, as standard each week, splitting in to 3 groups ready to set up in front of one sitter. Filmed within the circular studio housed within The Wallace Collection in London, the artists and sitters are ready to begin.

This week painting David Gandy are amateur painters, Office Manager Beth Sparks who re-imagines classical paintings using contemporary techniques and Aisling Coughlan, a primary school teacher who got in to the competiton with her serene submission. Professional artist Fatima Pantoja rounds out the trio utilising, charcoals, pastels and paint with reflective vibrant colours reminiscent of her submission. Pantoja was also shortlisted in the heat of Landscape Artist of the Year 2017.

Octogenarian Reid sits for Rodney Kingston, a Spurs fan who also competed in Landscape Artist of the Year 2017 and is a graphic designer. Although, talented Kingston is competing as an amateur. The second amateur is Rachel Spain, currently on sabbatical from a city career whose medium is watercolour on aqua board which provides Spain with the ability to remove any mistakes with cotton wool. And finally 18 year old student Lucy Li Chenhui, a professional originally from Hong Kong and currently studying in London. Today she is supported by her mother and grandmother.

Our 3rd set of artists painting Ashley Walters begins with Boris Takam, an amateur artist who is also an engineering student from Manchester University. Takam usually takes 25-30 hours to paint a portrait and never paints from life – how is he going to go with the 4 hours allocated today? And the final 2 professionals, Lindsey Gallacher an artist and jeweller whose submission was her first scratch board ever as inspired by a partially blind artist who worked with the medium himself. And Hannah Shergold, the wildcard winner from 2018 who has just left a career as an army helicopter pilot to become a professional artist who prefers to paint with her palette knife.

Who will the sitters pick as their favourite artists? Will the judges agree? Find out on Tuesday 2nd July, 8.30pm on SKY ARTS, SKY Channel 20.

Next week we will see 3 more sitters and 9 more talented artists compete to become Portrait Artist of the Year.

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