Portrait Artist of the Year – Episode 7

We return to Portrait Artist of the Year for the 7th heat as nine artists paint 3 famous British sitters as they compete to win the opportunity for a £10,000 commission to paint Sir Tom Jones for the National Portrait Gallery in Wales.

Every week a mixture of professional and amateur artists compete for a single place in the next round. This week the 4 amateur’s are Sharon Wright a retired secretary who took 3 hours to paint her submission and who believes taking photos of your sitter while painting is rude! We also have 18 year old Annie Lee who is today’s youngest competitor, Lee’s submission she said was inspired by challenging her identity. And Catherine Noone who uses only pencils and spend time deciding if she’ll use colour or not and lastly Emily Sharples who spends time working on the likeness. PAOTY-grandparents-nz-2

Selected from thousands of applicants, the 5 professionals on today’s episodes are Phil Tyler, an art lecturer who was shortlisted on the 2018 series of Portrait Artist of the Year, Khushna Sualman-Butt who paints 7 days a week, Neequaye Dsane who was part of the UK street scene in the 90’s has exchanged the spray can for a brush. They are joined by Hun Adamoglu who paints with the motto “Keep Calm and Carry On” and Lucy Pass who signs her paintings off with a motif.


This weeks sitters are critically acclaimed film and TV actress including Notting Hill Gina McKee, Coronation Street and theatre actress Angela Griffin and West End Actor in the lead in Hamilton, Jameal Westman.

As the sitters settle in, they converse with the artists… Move a little to the left… don’t smile… don’t move. There is a promise of an interesting day and the artists begin. Many start by stepping forward and taking various photos of the sitter. One asks for personal items they may be wearing.


Today’s theme is contemporary which sees our sitters sitting in front of Graffiti, concrete and rusted iron. A stark contrast to where you may expect to see some of these sitters. As all 3 sitters are professional actors, they have a particular way of sitting. Jameal is siting so still as he “doesn’t want to interrupt someone else’s journey”.

This week however, there is something different – some paint more than one painting… but just how many paintings? How many artists? And why did they paint more?

Find out on Tuesday 6th August 8.30pm on SKY ARTS, SKY Channel 20 on Portrait Artist of the Year.

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