Portrait Artist of the Year – Episode 9

Over the past 8 weeks we have followed 72 artists as they spend 4 hours painting a 24 different sitters. This week are the semi finals with 9 semi-finalists painting jazz musician Courtney Pine.

By now the artists are well and truly away of what is at stake – a £10,000 commission to paint Sir Tom Jones and the glory of becoming Portrait Artist of the Year 2019.


This week we leave the Wallace Collection and move to the Round Chapel in London which opened in 1871 where all 9 semi-finalists create a semicircle around Pine who has never before sat for a portrait.

In what has become tradition, the artists have 4 hours to complete their portrait of Pine. Today is different as there are not members of the public or friends and family looking on, it is simply the semi-finalists, Pine and the judges and hosts.

In a brief interview, Pine discusses finding the painters and their creativity inspiring “they are playing their canvas”


This week the judges, Kathleen Soriano, Tai Shan Schierenberg and Kate Bryan spend a little more time with each artist as they paint their portraits. Each artist can choose their medium and interpret the brief given by Pine as they wish.

The judging this week however is different. Of the 9 semi-finalists, 3 will be chosen to become the finalists in their quest to become Portrait Artist of the Year 2019.

Who will the 3 finalists be? Do you agree with the judges? Do you think you could paint like this? Let us know what you think!

Find out Tuesday 20th August 8.30pm on SKY ARTS, SKY Channel 20 on  Portrait Artist of the Year.


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