QUIZ: What Type of Grandparent are you?

Take our fun quiz to find out what sort of Grandparent you are. Do you agree with the results?


When did you last travel overseas

What's your favorite holiday?


Pick a holiday destination

When did you last shop online?

What drink helps you wake up in the morning?

What Type Of Grandparent Are You?
A Hightech Grandparent

You live for your smart phone, you will text, Facebook, Tweet and Snapchat your family. You are active on social media and may even run your own blog or webpage. You know face to face contact will never replace your family but you will let them know via social media where they can meet up with you next!
A Classic Grandparent

You bake cookies, give cuddles and love to see your family face to face. You are a fan of tradition - big family Christmases, birthday parties, family celebrations - you live for these and cannot wait to see your family at the next event. And they cannot wait to see you either!
A Hip Grandparent

You have the latest trends, be it colourful glasses frames or the latest release book. You love to read articles, know what others are up to and let your family know what is happening or coming up next. Your family love to see you and hear what you have to say and know that you have your finger on the trend pulse.
The Travelling Grandparent

You cannot stay still and you always have a holiday planned or are thinking about the next one. Your family love hearing about your adventures and receiving updates about where you are when you're away. Between trips, your family love to be able to see you and hear about your exciting adventures.

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