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Recipe: Pikelets

Are you looking for an easy pikelet recipe? Chances are you already have a good recipe that you use however if you haven’t made these classic little snacks for a while, try this recipe below. They’re a fast and easy one to make and enjoy with the grandies too, just keep an eye on them when using the hot pan!

1 x egg
1 x tablespoon of sugar
1 x cup milk
1 x cup flour
1 x teaspoon baking powder

Mix the egg, sugar and milk together in a bowl using a whisk
Add flour and baking powder, mix to create a batter using the whisk to whip out any lumps
Turn the stovetop to medium and use a non-stick pan
Drop tablespoon scoops of batter on to the pan and flip once you see bubbles appear on top
Enjoy with jam, cream, Nutella, butter and sprinkles or any topping you enjoy

Remember the first batch of pikelets are always weird so don’t worry too much
Add sprinkles to the batter for an extra treat for your grandchildren
Try and be clever and create shapes – just say what the shape is AFTER you have put the batter down. Promising a dinosaur and creating a splodge could make for a disappointed child.
If there are any left over, you can put in an airtight container and freeze for another day

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