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Reflecting on 2019

This year we don’t only reflect on the year but it is also the end of the 10’s and the start of the Roaring 20s!

We have been reflecting on our year and the website we have for the 50+ market in New Zealand which we believe hasn’t been thought about much online. So firstly, thank you for reading our website and completing the daily quiz!

As we move in to 2020, we have more articles, ideas and plans ahead for Grandparents NZ so please keep checking back in with us. If you enjoy our website, please do let any friends or family know about it. Word of mouth and recommendations always help small businesses and that would really help ours.

Also, we know our name is grandparents however this website is for everyone – even people without children. Either way, we all leave some sort of legacy and everyone is a parent to the nation. All are welcome.

We have over 250 quizzes and word-searches that you can enjoy, and did you know we also have a Sudoku game? You can find all of these at our games page here.

We love your comments on our website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. And we read every single one. They all mean a lot to us and we listen to what you have to say.

Here are some of our favourite articles from this year:

What to do with Surplus lemons – here are some ideas. Do you think you’ll have any left over after Christmas? Try some of our ideas.


Brownie Recipe – this brownie is one of our all-time favourites AND you can freeze it. Yummy, try the recipe next time you’re wanting to bake something easy.

Rush of Water – when swimming this summer spare, a thought for the marathon swimmers who make the technically difficult Cook Strait Swim, how do you think you’d fare?

Bark in the Pool – pets love to stay cool too. At the end of summer 18-19 we visited the local pool for one last hurrah to the season with the local dog community. Check out our photo essay here.


Flying in Luxury – ever wanted to fly in luxury? Read all about it in our Flying in Luxury article.

AED App – with more AED’s added to public places and cardiac arrests one of the leading killers in NZ, you can’t afford not to know where AEDs are, find out how here.

Investing for Grandchildren – are you wanting to leave a financial legacy for your grandchildren? Here are some ways you can look at it.

Have a wonderful New Years Eve and we will you a relaxing, safe and of course happy 2020. See you tomorrow (next year, a classic joke) for more Grandparents NZ.

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