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Renaissance Style Pet Portraits

We are a nation of animal lovers with around 64% of Kiwi households home to at least one companion animal. Providing us with unconditional love, laughter and companionship we are lucky to have animals in our lives. And now you can demonstrate how much you love them by immortalising them in a one of a kind renaissance masterpiece by Crown & Paw.

Opened earlier this year, the concept of Crown & Paw was conceived when the team visited Europe and spent a weekend in Amsterdam visiting a number of incredible European Museum and Galleries. Upon their return to the US, Crown & Paw’s bespoke pet portraits was born.

With various portrait styles to choose from and with titles such as The Princess, The Noble, The Count and The Admiral, you’re sure to find a style that fits your furry friend’s personality! Designs are tailored toward your male or female companion, all you need to do is choose the style, upload a photo of your pet and order.

The talented Crown & Paw designers will then stylize a bespoke portrait. Although not original paintings, they are original designs using photo editing techniques and retouching which then go through thorough in-house quality checks before printing and shipping. These are designed specifically for you and your pet.

Equal parts stylish and over the top, these regal portraits are perfect to hang above their bed or favourite spot at home. You could even dedicate an entire wall to your furry best friend!

While cats and dogs are the common pet Crown & Paw have also created unique portraits for birds, horses, micro-pigs and hedgehogs. Available in 3 different sizes the best bit is that Crown & Paw ship worldwide – that’s right, they ship to New Zealand.

Do you have anyone at home who would look great in one of these portraits?!

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