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Review: My New Red Car

Did you know that if a child is read one book a day, by the time they are 5 they will have read 1,825 books. Reading helps stimulate imagination and My New Red Car from Kiwi author and illustrator David Minty does exactly that. The story begins with two friends who are looking for their red car but can’t find it… as they continue to follow an increasingly bizarre trail of havoc, they eventually find the culprit.



David Minty is a designer by trade and began writing and illustrating his own books when he became a parent to 2 boys. My New Red Car is self-published and a beautifully simple story. With a narrative that the little ones can follow and giggle along to, this is sure to be enjoyed by both young and old.

Using mainly primary colours, the illustrations are original, bright and the yellow characters faces expressive. While each character is similar, they are different in size and attitude them appear as either friends or siblings – it’s up to the reader.

Reading helps develop language and listening skills. My New Red Car is an adorable and fun book that would be a welcome addition to any reading list. David Minty is on a roll too with a new book What’s In the Box coming out in early 2020.

My New Red Car. RRP $19.95

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