Robert Rakete: Working with Friends

Robert Rakete has worked in media since the 1980’s, a familiar face and voice to many, Rakete hosts The Breeze Auckland with Jeanette Thomas. Rakete talks to Grandparents about family, food and how to embarrass his kids!

Your professional career in the TV and radio industry has spanned almost 4 decades, what moment stays with you to this day?
Golly has it been that long! I have had some amazing experiences. On The Breeze I get to work with my wonderful friend Jeanette Thomas. She’s better than coffee to kick start the morning, she’s hilarious and always makes me smile. Another highlight is meeting the wonderful people who listen to our show. They really are the best.

On television: I’ve sung with The Wiggles, hosted a show from the Indy 500 motor-race in the US, and twinkle toed my way around the dance floor on Dancing with the Stars.

All experiences that have happened because of what I do for a job! I’m very lucky and grateful.


What would be on the gag-reel of your life?
My favourite is when I embarrass our kids. Nothing like driving past their school friends, winding down the windows, and beeping the horn before waving at them. Who knew teenagers could duck down so quickly in the car?

You are a musical person, what was the last concert you went to?
I don’t really go to shows unless it’s really special, so my dad’s band playing the local cossie club was pretty special. He’s 72 and the best musician in the world. Before dad was Paul McCartney at Mt. Smart – he’s the second best musician. This year I’m going with my son to see the rock band KISS. He’s 14, the same age I was when I first saw them.

What is your go to winter meal?
I don’t eat meat or drink, but my family love the red wine beef casserole I do for them, which is ironic. Me? I have this vegetarian green curry soup with chickpeas, spinach. cashew nuts, tofu, and toasted pita bread on the side. Perfect for a winter warm up by the fire. Also chocolate – lots of it. Perfect anytime of the year.

Robert and Jeanette on THE BREEZE Auckland, weekdays 6am – 10am

Robert & Jeanette, hosts of The Breeze Auckland, weekdays 6am – 10am

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