Rosie: Heading Back to the Movies This June

While going to the movies has been something we have been unable to do for a few months, we can now head back. The world has recently been confronted with a new norm, a change that would not be lost on the main character of movie Rosie.

Rosie is the story of a mother trying to protect her family after her landlord sells their rented home. Finding themselves homeless, the following 36 hours follows Rosie and her partner John Paul as they try to find somewhere to stay all while shielding their children from their current reality.

Ellie O’ Halloran, Ruby Dunne, Molly McCann,Moe Dunford,Sarah Greene, Darragh McKenzie in Rosie

While set in Dublin, the family finds themselves in a situation that wouldn’t be lost on a lot of Kiwis families. Written by award-winning Irish novelist Roddy Doyle brings warmth and authenticity to this Irish film. Demonstrating how the love and strength of a family can endure even in times of crisis, Rosie is a must see for your first trip back to the movies post covid-19 lockdown.

Rosie is portrayed by Tony Award winning Sarah Greene who cut her teeth in theatre and musicals before moving to film and currently appears in televisions Normal People. Directed by Paddy Breathnach and produced by Dublin based Element pictures credited for Lenny Abrahamson’s Room, Rosie is driven by its story as opposed to glamorous stars and visual effects.

Rosie draws back the curtain on a normal family and shows just how easy it can be for one group to slip through the cracks. View the trailer below.

ROSIE in New Zealand Cinemas Thursday 18th June 2020



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