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Rottenomics: The Story of New Zealand’s Leaky Buildings

Rottenomics. The Story of New Zealand’s Leaky Buildings Disaster by Peter Dyer

For over 25 years our building industry, economy and Government have failed to provide this basic guarantee: new buildings will not rot. Leaky buildings are the result of an unfortunate confluence of industrial, legislative, historical and cultural factors. Collectively, these elements stubbornly continue to defy a full and final resolution.

  • Explores the origins of the crisis, the political and economic upheaval that began soon after the 1984 election of the fourth Labour Government, leading to the radical changes of ‘Rogernomics’, and the flow-on effect this had on building controls and standards.
  • Examines the use of untreated timber and associated building materials that have been emblematic of the leaky buildings disaster since the late ‘80s.
  • Sweeping legislative reforms of the ‘90s lead to changes to the Building Act and industrial standards and training, and set the stage for the ‘perfect storm’ of building failure which followed.

Rottenomics features personal stories of homeowners faced with insurmountable repair costs of hundreds of thousands of dollars to their ‘dream home’, often leading to sickness, depression and financial loss. And revealed for the first time, a withheld Government report from which the author extrapolates the total cost of leaky dwellings at over $47 billion.

Rottenomics is an engaging exposure of a national crisis that refuses to go away.
PETER DYER is a freelance journalist based in Wellington who has written for the Winters Express,, the Manawatū Standard and North & South.

7 October 2019, David Bateman Publishing. RRP $39.99


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