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Scrabble Word Quiz: Wednesday 24th March 2021

Scrabble accepts some interesting words. This is a quiz for your average player, not the Scrabble experts! All words are English rules.

#1. This two letter word, which can be an abbreviated form of a name, is Scottish for darling or sweetheart and is acceptable in Scrabble?

For an example of its use, check out the Robert Burns poem ‘John Anderson, My Jo’.

#2. Oh, the joys of having a 'z' on your rack! Which three-letter word, meaning the male hybrid of a yak and a domestic cow, is acceptable in Scrabble for 15 points?

All the answers consist of a z (10 points) a vowel (1 point) and a 4 point letter for 15 points, but only zho (an acceptable alternate spelling of dzo (13 points)) is accepted.

#3. It's also fun if you have a 'q' on your rack without a 'u'. If there's a spare 'at' on the board, can you use your 'q' to make a valid word?

If you can put it at the beginning of ‘at’, you can make qat – a narcotic plant popular on the Arabian peninsula and East Africa.

#4. Which four-letter valid Scrabble word, another one you can get rid of that pesky 'z' with, is a type of cup holder?

Yes, a zarf is an ornamental metal cup holder.

#5. 'J' is another letter that can be a pain to get rid of, so it's a good idea to have words that use it. Which of these is a valid scrabble word meaning to duck?

The keen Scrabble players amongst you will have spotted these are all anagrams, but jouk is the only acceptable one!

#6. In my family, we always played that no foreign words were acceptable, but the official rules do let you play some foreign words. What two letter word, German for yes, is acceptable?

This is an acceptable word (and lets you score with a ‘j’), although I’m sure my mother would never have allowed it! Oui is French and Da is Russian for yes. Yu is apparently also valid.

#7. Sax is acceptable, but is saxe, and what does it mean?

It is indeed acceptable, and can be used as an adjective or noun – it may relate in some way to the Saxony area of Germany. The wrong answers refer to sacks and sax.

#8. Which four letter word for 6 points means a measurement of herring?

Scrabble fans can work this out by a process of elimination (if you’re not familiar with herring measurements…) Cram and crab would score 8 points and craw 11 points (all without being on an extra score tile). All the words are valid.

#9. Another unlikely but useful word is vifda, for 12 points. Coming from the Shetland and Orkney islands, what could it mean?

The Shetland and Orkneys would be an unlikely place to find tropical fruit trees or antelopes, and the highest mountain in the British Isles is only 4,409 feet (1,344 metres). However, they do have plenty of cattle and sheep.

#10. Finally, not an obscure word, but one that is dear to all our hearts. What is the only four letter Scrabble word that will score 22 points?

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this quiz on Scrabble and that it’s given you some good words to use in your next game, even if your opponent does exclaim “I Can’t Believe That’s a Scrabble Word!”



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