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Share Your Dogs Unconditional Love

With the unconditional love given by a dog, taking and sharing photos of your pooch is something any proud dog-owner enjoys. Combat the constant stream of negative news hitting us every time we go online with renowned pet food brand Pedigree ® who have created a new app that celebrates dogs and helps you share more puppy pictures!

Pedigree® DentaStix™ Studios app is designed to put the positive back in to your social media feed by creating content that is teeming with the adorableness and happiness that is dogs.

The DentaStix™ Studios app tracks negative trending topics and links them to bad human characteristics such as narcissism, manipulation and deceit. It then invites the app user to create an share content from their dogs mischief and counters with positive canine characteristics such as loyalty and innocence.

The app user has three content tools utilising new technology including dog facial recognition, filters and 3D effects. You can show off your favourite canine companion and enjoy a bit more balance within your social media feeds.

Marketing Manager for Pet, Mars NZ Cormac van den Hoofdakker, says it’s no secret that dogs make us feel happy.

“A 2016 Barkbox dog parent study found that dogs overwhelmingly have a positive impact on how we feel. So we thought, ‘why wouldn’t introducing more dogs into social media help us feel better in this environment too?’” says van den Hoofdakker.

Go fetch the new Pedigree® DentaStix™ Studios app for you and your four legged friend!

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