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Silicon Valley is an area south of San Francisco which is well known for its concentrated development of technology, innovation and social media. It is young and fast. This month, sees the Silicon Valley Boomer Venture Summit announce finalists for the 2019 Business Plan Competition and AARP Innovation Labs Pitch Competition’s in Berkley, California.

While it can be difficult to keep up with technologies, Apps and various technical details, it is exciting to see the industry step back and look at developing technologies that can help older users.

Finalists for the Business Plan Competition (and a $10,000 prize)

Miigen – A Private Social Platform that is enhancing the quality of later life living and the mental well-being of our aging population.
Soundmind, Inc – Enterprise voice assistant platform for senior care providers to easily deliver personalized care
VitalTech – A cloud-based platform that improves boomers’ health and wellness through connected care.
Toi Labs – Toilet technology that enables early interventions to avoid preventable hospitalizations.
NeuraMetrix –Measuring the “inconsistency” of Typing Cadence on a computer to aid in monitoring cognitive and motor functions of patients diagnosed with brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Finalists for The Silicon Valley Innovation Competition 2019 (and who receive the opportunity to go to the AARP Innovation Pitch Event in Washington DC in October)

Diamond NestEgg – Diamond NestEgg is a complete and holistic financial wellness solution for aging baby boomers and seniors, focused initially on bill payment, budgeting, financial coaching and fraud monitoring.
Work at Home Vintage Experts (WAHVE) – WAHVE pairs companies looking for specific skills with the veteran talent who have them so that businesses get the quality and knowledge they need while vintage professionals have work flexibility.
Help-Full – Help-Full is a community network where members of all ages connect with each other.
Golden – Golden’s financial care app connects financial institutions with family caregivers to increase our seniors’ financial health, resiliency and security.

“I am especially thrilled with quality of submissions for the Business Plans as well as The Silicon Valley Innovation Competition 2019, Sponsored by AARP Innovation Labs this year- we continue see amazing growth of longevity market and activity in this space over the 16 years we’ve produced this Summit,” said Mary Furlong, Founder and Executive Producer of the event. “This will be an exciting pitch event and we are delighted to support competition focused on financial resilience.”

Perhaps we will see more technologies for older users coming online soon! Do you have an App or technology that helps you? We would love to hear about it!


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