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Sofa Sightseeing: Wanaka New Zealand

Wanaka, based at the southern end of Lake Wanaka is around one hour from popular Queenstown. A wonderful drive full of vineyards, views via the Crown Range (depending on which way you drive) and the Cadrona Pub, Wanaka is the jewel at the end of the drive.

Beautiful cafes, ‘That Wanaka Tree’ and much quieter than Queenstown, Wanaka is relaxed, inviting and an Otago must see. In winter you an even view the Southern Lights.

One little known idea is visiting the Information Centre and buying some fish food which you can give to the local trout off the end of the dock.

Enjoy our photo gallery from late 2019 – we can’t wait to visit Wanaka again soon. Have you ever been?And if you’d like to Sofa Sightsee some other areas you can visit them here: DUNEDIN, QUEENSTOWN, SOUTHLAND and the WEST COAST.


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