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Staying Cool in Summer

Temperatures in New Zealand can vary wildly in summer. We also have various regions ranging from farmland, mountains, lakes and of course our coastline. Depending on where you live and how sheltered your area is also dependent on how hot you can get in summer.

Heat can be disastrous for your pets and young children with many incidents reported in the news but did you know heat can also affect older people? With Statistics NZ estimating New Zealand’s population at almost 5 million – this is a lot of people who could be overheating.

There are various ways to keep cool with the best way to do it before you get too hot! Here are some tips for keeping cool this summer.

  1. Hydrate in advance
    Water is one we all know but did you know it is best to keep your hydration up before you get dehydrated. It is much more difficult to hydrate once you are dehydrated it is more difficult to rehydrate again.
  2. Other drinks and cooling snacks
    Some drinks can dehydrate but you can try hydrolytes (check with your doctor first), coconut water or if you’re feeling fancy, one of our cool drink ideas. Ice-blocks, ice-cubes in water, frozen juices.
  3. Avoid the sun and hot times of the day
    Enjoy the sun but try to stay out of it for extended periods. Sit in the shade and if the sun finds you over time, move again. If you have garden work, exercise or a dog to walk, do this in the morning or evening – essentially missing the hottest time of day.
  4. Dress for the weather
    Wear light coloured, natural fabrics. Cotton and linens are great and loose fitting. Of course, a hat – straw hats or breathable fabrics are fantastic. Comfortable sandals that support your feet (and remember to sun cream the top of your feet and toes!) Your winter umbrella can double as a parasol and a cotton scarf can help cover your head

While these are common cooling ideas, it is always good to have a reminder! We also have some ideas that are a little less common:

  • Refrigerate your bed sheets
  • Allow a draft to go through the house – open a window and a door and let that breeze through
  • Keep your curtains closed, especially in rooms that get a lot of sun or tend to heat up.
  • Put a ice cubes in a hot water bottle
  • Have a cool bath or shower
  • Go for a swim to cool off
  • Recognise your limits, if you’re starting to feel off, call Healthline or your GP.
  • Ask a friend, neighbour or family member to check on you

And here is an idea that was doing the rounds a couple of years ago. Using a floor fan to create a low pressure system and in turn cooling your house. If you do this, keep security in mind as it recommends opening a window.


Look after yourself, look after each other and we hope you have a long and cool summer. What are your cooling tips? Let us know, we’d love to give them a try.

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