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Staying Healthy in Summer

We recently wrote about staying cool in summer, while all of these are important you cannot forget about remaining healthy across the warmer months too. Here are some ideas that may help you stay healthy.

Eat healthy and light – we all know what to do. Watch our portion sizes and lots of fruits and vegetables. Of course, consult your doctor before making any changes here.

Protect your vision – this is often something that can be forgotten but look after your eyes in summer. Sunglasses and a hat and avoiding looking directly toward the sun is a good idea. White walls and water reflections can also affect your eyes so avoid looking directly at these too.

Exercise in the morning or evening – exercise is important but if you are going to exercise try and do so during the cooler times of the day. This will help you avoid over heating. If you take a 4 legged friend with you this will help them too.

Stay hydrated – hydration is important at any time of year but especially important in summer. Try and keep hydrated by drinking water regularly instead of getting parched and gulping down water. If you forget, try a measured waterbottle or an app to remind you to drink.

Use Sunscreen – if you are going outside, use sunscreen along with regular sun protection (hat, sunglasses, loose and cool clothing). Vitamin D is important but avoid over exposing yourself to the sun.

Wear sensible foot wear – similar to eyes, feet can be forgotten. Jandals are a kiwi classic but not so good if you’re prone to slipping or have bad feet. Make sure your feet are clean, try and maintained. If you need a bit of help, head to your podiatrist.

Rest – the sun is a natural alarm clock. Summer brings longer days and more sun meaning your sleeping hours may be shorter. If you need a nap, take one and remember to rest. Just having a lie down with a window open or a book can do wonders.

Carry an umbrella – umbrellas have always been marketed toward us as a wet weather tool however an umbrella can also be a fair weather friend! Take to the beach or with you on a walk. When you’re not using it, it can double as a walking cane.

Visit your doctor – if you are ever in doubt with any health issues, consult your doctor. That is what they are there for!

Look after yourselves, look after each other and if in doubt, ask for help


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