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Staying With Friends and Family

It is lovely to visit friends and family. Generally, I think it better to visit and not actually stay as independence for everyone is lovely. However, not all people are the same; one may have limited finances for paid accommodation; and there are simply times when it’s just nice to stay. Here are a couple of tips for when staying with friends and family.

  • Try to limit your stay to three nights. This was advised by my mum and I think it’s good advice. She said, ‘It’s better to under-stay, than over-stay’.
  • Don’t expect your hosts to constantly entertain you. Go out on your own during the day when they’re at home so that they get a break.
  • Evenings are precious, especially if people are working during the day, so go to bed early with a good book.
  • Note what mugs they use for themselves, and don’t use these ones when you make yourself a cup of coffee.
  • Learn their drinking preferences such as coffee or tea, sugar or milk, etc. and make one for them.
  • Don’t just offer to help, do things. Bring in the washing, wash the dishes or put them in the dishwasher.
  • Notice special cheeses in the fridge or treats that they have in the cupboards and buy a few replacements.
  • Make or buy an evening meal, especially if they work during the day. That’s a real treat for your hosts.
  • Take the sheets off your bed on the last day and ask for clean sheets to remake it.
  • Buy a petrol voucher or a supermarket voucher as a farewell gift but don’t embarrass your host by overdoing it.
  • When you get back home, send an email or a handwritten note to express appreciation.

What do you like to do when you stay with friends and family? Do you agree with our tips? Do you have any more?

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