The Comeback Trail – Releasing on 26th November 2020

Starring Academy Award winner Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman and Tommy Lee Jones

This film is brought to us by the same house that produced “Hunt for the Wilderpeople” and the very funny “Baby Done”

In debt to the mob and in need of a new money making scheme to save his skin, greedy grind-house film producer, Max Barber, (Robert Deniro) decides to produce a dangerous new film, all for the sake of killing his lead actor in a stunt so he can rake in the insurance money. But when he casts Duke Montana, (Tommy Lee Jones) an aging, washed up movie star as the lead, Max never expects the depressed old drunk to be revitalized by being in front of the camera again. Unable to kill Duke in a basic stunt, Max ups the stakes, putting Duke into ever more dangerous situations. And as Duke survives stunt after stunt, Max unwittingly starts making the best movie of his career. A cross between “Get Shorty” and “The Producers,” THE COMEBACK TRAIL is a fun journey through the underbelly of Hollywood. Littered with a cast of unforgettable and outrageous characters, it will have you giggling.

Three Hollywood legends come together for the first time in THE COMEBACK TRAIL. Hollywood, 1974 — a time when moviemaking, acting legends, and crazy hustles come together, especially for fast-talking schlock-ploitation producer Max Barber (two-time Academy Awardã winner ROBERT DE NIRO) and his nephew Walter (Emmyã nominee ZACH BRAFF). After Max realizes they can make insurance money on their new movie if the star actually dies while filming, they recruit depressed, washed-up cowboy star Duke Montana (Academy Awardã winner TOMMY LEE JONES), who’s unaware of the scam. But if gangster Reggie Fontaine (Academy Awardã winner MORGAN FREEMAN) doesn’t get the $350,000 he invested in Max’s previous flop, it will be Max who’s cut from the scene. Directed and co-written by GEORGE GALLO, the acclaimed screenwriter of Midnight Run, THE COMEBACK TRAIL is a comedic valentine to a colorful era when hearts and guts were onscreen … and redemption was just a plot twist away.

THE COMEBACK TRAIL Directed by George Gallo. Based on a film by Harry Hurwitz. Screenplay by George Gallo & Josh Posner. Produced by Philip Kim, Patrick Hibler, p.g.a., Joy Sirott Hurwitz, Julie Lott Gallo, Richard Salvatore, p.g.a., David E. Ornston. Casting By Pemrick/Fronk. Music by Aldo Shllaku. Costume Designer, Melissa Vargas. Editor, John M. Vitale. Production Design, Stephen Lineweaver and Joe Lemmon. Director of Photography, Lukasz Bielan. Original Score published by Wise Music Group. Original Soundtrack Album available on Node Records.

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