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The Competitive Market that is Meal Kits

Meal kits delivered to customers homes have increased in popularity in the last few years. These can range from eating for one to feeding a small army. Is there a need for meal kits in your life?

The main meal kit suppliers in New Zealand are HelloFresh, My Food Bag (and Bargain Box), Woop and My Food Box which supply varying meal options and sizes. While these tend to be marketed (or promoted) by younger consumers, the benefits to older customers are much wider even though older customers know how to cook well and enjoy a home made meal.

  • Providing exactly what you need with less waste
  • The ability to open jars and cans may be less
  • Getting out to the supermarket may be more difficult
  • Often nutritious meals

While meal kits are popular, they can often struggle to attract and retain customers. Furthermore delivering fresh ingredients with reasonable prices is difficult, especially when delivery is involved. Meal kits also compete with a pre-made meal delivery  services (think meals on wheels or Uber eats) and supermarket developed fresh meals or meal kits. Many older people also enjoying going out to restaurants to enjoy meals.

You can also do your supermarket shopping online which is handy if you are digitally savvy. Countdown has provided this service for a number of years now and Pak n Save has just rolled a similar service out (currently available at 33 stores across the North Island) called Click n Collect – this is where you order online and head to the supermarket to collect what you have ordered.

Online shopping is becoming more and more popular. With the increase of self-service check outs and supermarket staff often leaving customers to pack groceries themselves, this can only increase for the older market that are confident online.

In terms of the future, in 2017 major e-commerce operator Amazon purchased Whole Foods, an American supermarket chain. This has provided Amazon, a digital company with a physical presence in a store that many people visit at least weekly. This is a curious move in a world that is becoming increasingly digital however it has provided Amazon with a physical location to sell their wares. While this hasn’t happened in New Zealand, many international trends do make their way to our shores.

While we have many options currently in New Zealand, the best option is the option that works best for you.

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