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The Winter Season

“To everything there is a season and a purpose under Heaven” – Ecclesiastes 3

The above quotation is one of my favourites and very special to me. I’m not going to write about personal seasons as I’m sure each of you have your own understanding of those.

However, in nature each season has its own purpose and beauty. Right now, in the months of June, July and August, it’s winter. So, what’s good about winter?

• It is a resting time. Look at the birds. It’s not a time for them to be nesting. They simply look for food to survive. (Throw out some porridge oats for them. They love that). Some animals such as hedgehogs hibernate. It is a time to lay low and to conserve energy.
• It is a time for keeping warm, for feeling cosy and guilt-free, staying inside as much as possible with glowing fireplaces, hot water bottles and heaters.
• It is a time for comfort food – hot casseroles chock-full of winter vegetables and flavour, baked potatoes, nourishing pies and bread and butter pudding. It’s a time to make homemade bread, or even bread made in a bread-maker. How nostalgic is the smell of yeasty bread?


• It is a time to wear lovely clothes especially ones made of natural fibres – pure wool coats, leather gloves if you can afford them, woolly hats and cosy scarfs, sturdy boots and thick socks. Op shops are great places to explore for cheap winter clothes.
• It is a time for staying indoors and doing inside hobbies – crocheting and knitting, playing cards with a companion or solitaire by yourself on the computer, and bliss of bliss – reading both rubbishy and good books.
• It is a time for wrapping up well and going for little walks, making little cloud puffs with your breath, smelling the damp earth and looking at the bare trees and green plants as they rest, waiting patiently for the spring.
• It is a time for listening to the rain on the roof as you lie in your warm bed at night, for listening to the wind as it whirls around your house, and knowing that you have emergency supplies such as batteries and tinned food in the garage.

Winter is a time for knowing that nature is stronger than us. It is a time that helps us keep life in perspective.

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