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Things to Do in Summer with Adults

Some people have grown up children, others don’t have children and only tend to enjoy the company of other adults. Here are some ideas for what to do this summer.

Clean up the beach
Beach walks in the morning and evening are relaxing and a wonderful way to get a chin-wag in. Why not combine this with a beach clean up? Take a bag with you on your walk and pick up rubbish as you go.

Clean the house
Spring is a popular season for cleaning the house but summer can also be great for this. With various new presents entering the house, it could be time to create some space. Clear out, donate and freshen up that house. Turn the mattress (ask for help), check the smoke alarm, clean the oven fan, mop behind the bathroom door and toilet. Get it all done and feel better and relaxed for it.

Visit a Museum
It can get hot and while there are various way to stay cool in summer, visiting a museum is a great way to get some culture in while staying cool. Offering various exhibitions, cafes, air conditioning and plenty of seats, a museum is a fantastic morning or afternoon out.

Go for a Picnic
Picnics are a lot of fun. Pack some food and a blanket or find a park bench and set up camp for the day. Bring some bowls or cricket if you want to get the whole family involved for a day of fun. Or just pack your book and settle in for some quiet time. Get a spot nice and early and remember to take only photographs and leave only foot prints.

Food from the BBQ has a particular taste and brings family and friends together. Turn up the BBQ and get some food together. Turn on music, pour some drinks and enjoy yourself for the day or evening.

Go Camping
There is a little more admin for this although if you have some long forgotten camping gear this may not be too much of a stretch. Get some friends together or head out on your own. You may even just enjoy putting the tent up in the backyard and having a snooze outside. Be careful not to heat up too much!

Outdoor movie
Many local councils and organisations organise outdoor movies. These often hire out beanbags and have food available for purchase. Look at your local council pages for what they are putting on.

Learn to swim
Not everyone can swim but it’s never too late to learn. Summer is the perfect time to learn to swim as it’s warm and many outdoor pools are open for the season. You can book lessons, cool off, learn something new and enjoy the beach and pools more safely and confidently.

Go to the library
Another place to stay cool and get lost is your local library. With the heat many slow down and what better way than with a book and some time to sit on your own while still being surrounded by others. Many library’s also have cafes, bathrooms, magazines, newspapers and community boards showing what is on. Why not get involved?

These are just our suggestions – what do you enjoy doing when you’re away from any grandchildren? Do you enjoy time on your own or with family and friends? Let us know, we’d love to hear.


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