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Things to do in Summer with Grandchildren

When spring arrived we wrote a bit about some ideas you can do with your grandchildren. And while these ideas don’t differ too much for the summer months in case you run out of ideas for generational shenanigans.

Lie back and watch the clouds travel past. What a wonderful way to pass some time, relax and let your imagination run wild. Do you see a dog, a bike, do you see yourself? See what your grandchildren come up with and you will also get a perspective in to what they are thinking about.


Get out the hose, the sprinklers, buckets and cool down and play! Be careful of slipping of course but depending on how agile you are, get among it. If you’re not so stable, you can be the referee and make sure that everyone has a fair go!

Our love for books and reading is clear across the website but how about setting a reading challenge? Kids can get tired during school holidays and it is a great way for them to enjoy some quiet time and keep their brains (and yours!) ticking along.

This of course depends on where you live but toasting marshmallows is a fun way to pass time and they are absolutely delicious. Here is a tip – don’t put the marshmallow in the fire, just put them near the heat. That way they melt but don’t burn – yummy!

If you have a large garden, are visiting one or just going for a walk set a nature scavenger hunt. Who can find a worm, spot a pine cone, a sparrow, butterfly or a native bird? This is another one that gets the little ones thinking and exercising all in one. They will also gain a deeper respect for nature. You could also set a challenge to pick up some pieces of rubbish – this must be supervised with the littlies of course).

What a beautiful way to start or end the day with the family. Depending on what time you wake up (sun rise in some parts of New Zealand can be 5am!) and also where you are positioned watching the sun rise and set is a relaxing way to spend some time. Describing the colours and enjoying the minutes together. Bliss.

Did they get a new bike? Great! Are they in to collecting rocks? Go and find them! Want to play on their computers? Hmmm… maybe try and steer them away from that? We have a few short months where it is beautiful. Get out there and enjoy time together.

What do you enjoy doing with family in summer? Do you have a favourite past time or game that you enjoy playing? Tell us about it! We would love to hear how you enjoy spending the warm months with family and friends – or on your own for that matter!

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