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Thinking About Volunteering?

Many of us retired people have extensive experience and skills that have been obtained over our lifetimes. We also still have a bit of ‘go’ in us and would like to continue using these skills. If earning money isn’t an essential anymore, volunteering is a great way of using our expertise and giving back.

There is plenty of unpaid work around in our local communities. Assisting in local charity op shops, joining knitting groups and creating items for the community (this is one I do), making or delivering Meals On Wheels (like my 83 year old aunt did), and working for church organisations such as food banks and visiting the sick and lonely are great options.

Another possibility, especially if you are an ex-schoolteacher is volunteering at a school – perhaps in the school library or listening to children read. The school will need to do a few checks for this one.

Many people volunteer in hospitals and airports, assisting visitors, the sick and travellers find their way around a new environment and do a wonderful job.

One person I know joined Victim Support and he did marvellous work in this area. He told me it gave perspective to his own life and immense satisfaction as he supported people whose lives had been overturned by dramatic, unexpected and often tragic events.

Another friend works at a well-known natural, tourist spot in a conservation store which sells ice-creams, drinks and souvenirs as well as providing access to bathrooms. She loves the social aspect of this job and meeting so many tourists both from New Zealand and overseas.

Another option is VSA (Volunteer Service Abroad) will take volunteers up to the age of 75 years? Volunteers can work in Pacific Nations and beyond. There are all sorts of job opportunities – in Education and Training, Engineering, Office Administration, Information Technology, Medicine and Healthcare, Tourism, Trades and Services. You name it, it’s there. Although you may want to look at volunteering locally to check it is for you before heading overseas.

Volunteering is a wonderful way to engage with your community, maintain your skills and to give back. If you have the time, look in to volunteering within your community. Many charities and community organisations need help and you can become an important part of that!

Do you think you may raise your hand and volunteer? Or do you volunteer some of your time already? Let us know!

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