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Time Toe Step Up to Foot Care

Kirsty Wannan – Senior Podiatrist

Looking after ourselves is important – from our head down to and including our feet. Kirsty Wannan, Senior Podiatrist at Waitakere Foot knows all things feet and gives some foot facts and tips and tricks to help keep your feet feeling great this winter.

5 Feet Facts

25% of our bones, are found in our feet!

Each foot is made up of 26 bones, 33 joints, 19 muscles, 10 tendons and 107 ligaments!

Our feet carry the weight of our body and can walk over 128,000 kms in a lifetime – that’s more than 3 times around the earth!

Each foot takes 1.5 times your body weight when you walk.

Your feet work tireless day in and day out and are quite often one of the most under-appreciated parts of the human body.

Keep your feet happy.

Basic tips & tricks to care for your feet in the colder months?

Wash & DRY feet well before putting shoes and socks on. Warm, moisture rich environments allow fungal skin and nail infections to thrive.

Making sure your shoes fit well, allowing at least a thumbs width in front of the toes. We strongly recommend seeing a footwear specialist to have shoes fitted especially for walking/running shoes. And making sure seems/upper lining of the shoes don’t cause friction on the skin.

Airing shoes once a week to allow high moisture/sweat to dry from the shoes. You can even purchase powder to help remove moisture content from shoes that can contribute to smelly feet and fungal skin infections. Especially important if your feet get wet from the rain.

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If you suffer from sweaty feet, socks that help remove excess moisture may be beneficial; Bamboo socks for example. To maintain hygiene, it is important to wear clean socks every day. Wash socks in warm water with detergent.

Performing daily/weekly foot checks, a mirror can be used if you can see the bottom of your feet. Running your hand under the foot to feel for any harden areas of skin – especially if you are diabetic.

Be careful visiting nail bars, they have been known to have minimal hygiene standards. Fungal nail infections can be passed through nail polish brushes, so if you must go take your own.

Visit your Podiatrist if you have any concerns regarding your feet. You don’t need to wait until your feet are sore, we see lots of people for General Skin & Nail care to maintain healthy feet.

If in doubt, get it checked out!

See you next summer toes!

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