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To Tech or Not to Tech

Technology has been developing since the invention of the wheel and discovery of fire however since the machine and digital age, technology has progressed further than we could have ever imagined. Here are our top 10 reasons to NOT use technology followed by our top 10 reasons to use technology.


  1. It is antisocial
    Sitting on your phone all day and only looking at ‘digital faces’ can be antisocial. Looking up and seeing what is in front of you can be very helpful. Even the ATM and self service check out can make what used to be a face to face interaction an antisocial experience.
  1. Sleep deprivation
    Being glued to your phone especially before bed means less sleep. It is well documented that using too much technology can affect sleep and sleep patterns.
  1. Not everything is as it seems
    Anyone can put anything online these days – many people can post happy photos when they are actually sad and sad people can see photos where people look happy and make them feel inadequate (you are more than adequate to us –  you are wonderful!)
  1. Data security
    This is a common concern for many people. Passwords, padlocks on websites, online banking, email addresses – it can be confusing and scary! No one wants to be ripped off!
  1. Work overload
    If you’re not quite retired yet, colleagues and bosses have access to each other more than ever before – you can receive emails and texts at all hours of the day – no thank you!
  1. Over reliance on gadgets
    I still remember my phone number and many friends and family members phone numbers from years ago. I couldn’t tell you their phone number anymore! Facebook reminds people of birthdays and calendar’s remind us of flights.
  1. Sore eyes
    Looking at a screen for too long can really hurt your eyes!
  1. It’s complicated
    Sometimes using technology or any gadget (even the remote!) is too complicated. Keep it simple please
  1. It can be boring
    Sometimes technology is just boring. It can be nice to look up a recipe in a dog-eared recipe book as opposed to online. You may also find yourself scrolling just for the sake of it.
  1. It can be sad
    The news can often just make you sad, it feels like every second hour something terrible has happened in the world. Sometimes the news can just be too sad.


  1. It is social
    While there is the argument that technology can make people antisocial, it can also make you social. Sharing a photo, sending a text, making a phone call, emailing something nice to someone. It can be wonderfully social.
  1. It keeps your brain ticking
    Enjoy quizzes and games? We have plenty! Keeping up with current events, know what is going on around you. It is fantastic to stay informed and keep that grey matter working.
  1. You can listen to music, watch movies and be entertained
    You can find just about any music online there days. Listen to all of your favourite music at the click of a button – yes please.
  1. It can help you be organised and remember things
    Set a reminder or a calendar. There are also apps on phones that can help you to remember to make a call, catch a flight – your smart phone can also automatically adjust to daylight savings which is nice and easy
  1. You can feel modern!
    There is nothing quite like feeling like you understand what is going on and how to use technology. It can make you feel confident.
  1. It can help with health care
    Many medical centres use digital programmes for their records, you can use apps to help you remember to take medication. Not to mention the actual health care in itself – from X-rays to medication. There have been many advances in technology.
  1. Safety
    You can use something like a St John Medical Alert or your cell phone to stay in touch with people so they know you’re okay (and you know they are too!)
  1. Health & Exercise
    There are many videos online that can show you some exercises (although always check with your medical professional first) and eating well. You may get some new ideas for things you may like to change and even look at joining a class.
  1. Convenience
    Want to read the news, listen to music and check out what movies are on and research a breed of dog you may like? You can do all of this on the same device and that is pretty special
  1. Stay connected
    We love technology and there is nothing quite like staying connected. Use your digital devise to stay connected with those you love and make sure you use it to make face to face meetings with the people who are important to you – there is no better use than that.

Why do you use technology? Or why do you like to stay away from it? We’d love to hear from you.


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