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Top 10 Tips for Your Cruise

Are you thinking of taking a cruise? Many are unsure of what exactly to expect, I certainly was the first time and have since been on 3 cruises! Here are 10 handy tips for preparing for and making the most of your cruise!

• Take hand sanitiser and wipes with you. Norovirus is often reported on cruise ships and while staff do their best to keep things clean, you can help this! We wiped down all door handles and surfaces when we arrived in our cabin. There are also plenty of hand sanitisers on the ship.
• Bring your own lanyard. Buy these before you get on the ship, people do sell these near check-in and you can get some really sparkly and special styles. They do sell them on the ship but at a marked-up price. These are essential for both land excursions and your room key.
• Bring sea sickness pills, patches or wrist bands – you may have never experienced seasickness in the past, but it is handy to have these with you in case you do get sick. There are various options and always check with a healthcare professional with what is safest for you.
• Consider buying from the locals. If you are visiting a small island, often tourism is the local’s main source of income so if you’re planning on buying keepsakes or gifts, consider buying off the locals.
• Enter competitions. There are so many prizes to be won onboard cruise ships, just go for it and enter. There are quizzes, bingo and treasure hunts. Enter! You may win cash to spend onboard (drinks… a special dinner… massages… the list goes on).
• Get involved. There is so much to do onboard. Shows, quiz teams, performances, entertainment, sports – get involved and join a quiz team and meet people and be friendly. You never know the interesting people you may meet.
• Every day is jam packed full of events. Go through the daily events with your travel companion and organise times to meet for shared events and separate so you can make the most of everything available on board.
• Take a walk around the ship. There is so much to see and do but do try and take some time out for yourself and walk around the ship. There are many quieter decks and do take the time to look out to the ocean and up to the stars. It really is beautiful out there.
• Book Dinners. There are various dinner options and many of the popular restaurants book out quickly. Try and book ahead of time and if you are seated with another party, enjoy the time with them. You’ll be surprised how interesting other people can be.
• Look at land excursions early, we’re talking day 1 of the cruise. Many of the popular excursions book out early. There will be a booking area on board, like a mini travel agent. Find them and plan this so you don’t miss out.

Do you have a cruise planned? Let us know! We’d love to hear where you are going and what ship you will be on.

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