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Travel Tips for Older Kiwis

Travelling is a lot of fun. There is an entire world out there to see. If you’re planning a trip – be it near or far, here are some tips that may help you travel both safely and comfortably.

• Use a roller bag so you don’t need to carry it, pack light and only bring one bag plus your carry on bag – another bag is often unnecessary and cumbersome.

• If you have a stop over at a huge international airport, tell your travel agent or the airline before you travel and they can help you organise an electronic airport cart or wheel chair. You may not need a wheel chair on a day to day basis but this could really help you get to your connecting flight safely and on time.

• Get insurance and READ your insurance, know what you are covered for. Travel insurance can also help you between the flight booking and actual flight if something happens before you leave meaning you can’t travel. Organise insurance straight away and ask if this is covered.

• If staying at a hotel, use a door latch when you’re in your room and don’t leave a ‘make up my room’ sign on your door when you leave – this advertises your absence (anyone can be at a hotel) just let the reception desk know when you head out. And make use of the in room safe.

• Pack any medication in your carry on luggage (along with cash and your passport). A spare pair of underwear, socks and a tooth brush is handy too in case your bag goes AWOL!

• If you are travelling to a country where you don’t speak the local language, take screen grabs on your phone (or print outs if you don’t have a smart phone) of things you may need. Toilet, Food, Coffee, Landmarks. You can always use a language translation App if you like to use these (watch out for data roaming – this is where your phone can become VERY expensive when used overseas!)

• Keep the jewellery / watches / fancy items to a minimum. Pick pocketers will go for anything and older travellers are higher targets. Kids can also steal, so watch out for this too!

• Wear comfortable shoes. You will probably walk more than you expect so bring flat shoes that you have already worn in

• If your holiday dates can be flexible, check out for ‘shoulder seasons’ this is where the weather is still good but not as many other tourists. While kids are great, also check for school holidays both here in NZ and where your destination is.

• If you are travelling solo, let the hotel know when you expect to return, also let family know when to expect to hear from you.

• Stay hydrated on the plane and take frequent walks up and down the aisle

• Did you know you can use your Gold Card in Australia? Pack it and don’t forget to use it. Try other countries too, you can always ask – they may give a senior discount too.

And don’t forget to enjoy yourself!

Do you have any travel tips? Let us know! We would love to hear where you love to go, if you have any holidays planned and where you went to last!

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