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Travelling, Writing and Scatterlogical Wisdom

Born in the Wairarapa and having lived in the USA, Frances Halls career is just as varied having worked as a bun-runner, journalist, radio presenter and tour leader.  Having travelled extensively including to Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Spain, Portugal and Morocco (to name a few!) Hall’s most recent adventure is writing her memoir, Scatterlogical Wisdom.

We had a Q&A with Hall to find out more about her travels, grandparenting and Scatterlogical Wisdom.

Travelling is important to you, are you hoping to travel again soon either domestically or internationally?
I think all travellers are slightly frustrated at being grounded because of Covid 19. I had planned to travel to the UK, Turkey, Canada and Australia this year. Australia may be possible but my itchy feet will have to tap for another year or so.

I was a novice Spanish speaker and accidentally told him with great gusto that instead of having four children I had four boyfriends;

What motivated you to write and publish Scatterlogical Wisdom?
Several reasons. I wanted to record my life experiences for my children and inspire them to make the most of what life offers. I’d also written and presented over 800 radio scripts which were slice-of-life observations and humourous stories. I found I could use some of them in the book. As a New Zealand woman, I think many of the anecdotes will resonate with readers. We’re only a hop step and jump from our pioneering roots and that Kiwi ingenuity is our nation’s biggest asset. When people say we can’t do something our heckles rise and our response is, “Watch us”! Think Americas Cup.

Without giving too much away, what is your favourite anecdote in the book?
Green Toilets. My experience of being Pee Monitor on the altiplano in Bolivia. Another one was my conversation with a Chilean man on a flight. I was a novice Spanish speaker and accidentally told him with great gusto that instead of having four children I had four boyfriends; one in London, one in Toronto, one in America and one in Auckland. Poor man.

What are you hoping your readers take away from Scatterlogical Wisdom?
That wisdom is available if we will tune in. That you can learn from your mistakes and make your life better. That life should be handled with frequent laughter, especially at yourself.

You are clearly passionate about words, is this reflected in your grandparenting?
My mother installed in all her children a love of words. We can use them to build people up, to diffuse conflict and to spread love and kindness. My grandchildren often giggle at my funny sayings. Verbal communication is rooted in our DNA. Let’s just say, you’d be hard pressed to misunderstand my progeny!

Scatterlogical Wisdom by Frances Hall. Published by Wild Side Publishing, 1st June 2020. RRP $29.95

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